The Visibility Challenge

Ready to speak up and be more visible in the world?

The Visibility Challenge helps you overcome your reluctance to promote your work, expand your reach, and become more visible in the world.

I am in phase of moving my dance work to a new level... and the Visibility Challenge came just the right moment. I found the Challenge totally perfect and beyond my expectations. The inner/outer approach is the only way I can go in building up my work. I really like the clarity in the way you present this combination.

- Katerina, Czech Republic, Movement Medicine

It's time for all women to be more visible.

To be seen and heard.

To share our opinions with confidence and free ourselves of the constraints that stop us from being fully expressed.

It's time to release internal, visibility blocks so you can build your business, write your story, pitch yourself to your favourite influencer, or pursue your dream speaking gig.

During the Challenge you'll explore the most significant beliefs holding you back from speaking up, sharing your wisdom, and creating positive change in the world.

More importantly, you'll learn what to do about those blocks so you can feel confident in putting yourself out there and be more consistent in your visibility efforts.


After initial resistance, I realised I was being gently and lovingly coaxed out of my comfort zone and I yielded. Thank you for creating such an amazing space for support, expression and connection. You've helped me realise that there are lovely women out there who do want the best for each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Vanda, Australia, Amethyst Rose

I believe you were born to be heard. I believe your voice matters.

I believe you have something valuable to say and that the world will be a better place when women become visible on their own terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Challenge start and finish?
It starts immediately upon registration.
Who's the Challenge for?
It's for women who are ready to be more visible - in their businesses, as mentors, coaches, or creatives - and who want to clear out any internal blocks to doing just that.
What can I expect from the Challenge?
You'll receive access to lessons around four key beliefs or stories that are limiting your visibility. You'll have action steps and you'll receive lots of advice about what to do next to help clear the visibility blocks you find.
How much does the Challenge cost?
It's free!
How much time do I need to participate?
You can binge on the Challenge in which case you'll probably cover off on everything in about 90 minutes. Or you can take one lesson at a time and work through it in 20 minute segments over the course of a week.

Wondering who's behind The Visibility Challenge?

That would be me - Samantha Nolan-Smith. I'm the CEO and founder of The School of Visibility (an online school that supports women to be seen and heard in the world).

I work with women to overcome their visibility blocks so they feel comfortable speaking up, sharing their wisdom, and creating positive change in the world.